‘HOT DOGS’ – St Mary’s Dog Show

We all know who the prettiest bitch is, the most handsome dogand which hound has the mostwagging (waggiest) tail: obviously YOURS!

But who did the judge think was the pooch in the best condition, the one that most looked like its ownerand which dog would he most like to take home?  Also, which dog could perform the best trick?

These were the judging categories of the 2018 St Mary’s version of CRUFTS.  Neither the rain nor the enthusiasm of the Wardens’raffle ticket selling could hold back the proud mums and dads presenting their pride and joys to a somewhat reluctant judge.

After two fiercely contested sessions strewn with knife-edge decisions, causing much gnawing of claws and baring of teeth, entrants went home with a multitude of colourful rosettes proudly pinned to their eclectic collars.

The winner of the cleverest trick was a pedigree Anglican who prayed to Jesus on his knees, and the all-round winners were two ladies who entered their dogs and who were not existing members of our united parish; the very purpose of the Mission Weekend.  We pray that they will invite Jesus into their lives.

An outstanding matter is, “Which dog would the judge most like to take home?”  To those who did not attend the dog show, the answer will be revealed when you bring along your pooch to St Mary’s Dog Show 2019!

Check out some of the photos below!

St Mary's Mission Weekend | Dog Show


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