Prayer is very much at the heart of the Christian faith and we have worked hard over the past few years to encourage people to pray individually and corporately. One of the ways we have done this is by putting together a varied programme of prayer, in the hope that different kinds of prayer will appeal to different people.

There is also a prayer box at the back of church for individual prayer requests (the red cards) and they are prayed for systematically each Wednesday morning at 9am when we meet for Morning Prayer (the Daily Office).

It’s worth stating that there is never an expectation that you will have to share anything or pray out loud. Sitting in silence is a perfectly legitimate way of praying. The important thing is that we come together to pray!

For more information on dates, please have a look at our events page.


Prayer ministry is offered at every Sunday morning communion service in the Lady Chapel and two prayer minsters are on standby to offer a listening ear and to pray with you.


Parish prayer is our weekly early morning prayer meeting. We gather together between 8-9am for informal group prayer and seek to discern what the Spirit is saying to us for God's church in Chigwell. We're based in each church for three months at a time. The current location can be found under the events section or in Unity magazine.


Our evening prayer meeting is on the first Monday of every month from 7.30-9.00pm and brings people together from across the parish for an informal time of praise and prayer. Each month we focus on a different topic to help inspire and inform our worship and intercessions.


9:15 (Traditional)
10:45 (Family Service)


St Mary’s Church,
High Road
Chigwell, IG7 6QE